Without supporters, Trump is just another crazed anarchist.

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For the past few days, the news has been dominated by the seizing of the Capitol Building. We have been inundated with images and footage of what are essentially cultists desecrating one of the nations most sacred buildings. They are hard images to see. It’s hard to even comprehend that this happened in the United States. Yet, the cold reality is that it did happen. But as we move on from the nightmare that was January 6th, 2021 we must look to the future. We must now ask, what can we do to ensure that history does not repeat itself?

Yes, I know how crazy I sound

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Let me start this off by saying I know how crazy I probably sound. I want to assure you that I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat and I don’t believe in grand conspiracy theories. But after the craziness of the past two years, it’s hard not to think outside the box. Did anyone ever really think the entire world would shut down for almost a year over a virus? Or if the United States Capitol building would be occupied by a bunch of right-wing fanatics, being led by the sitting president? I didn’t think so.

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I needed a break from life. Between planning a wedding and gearing up to start work on a PhD, my fiancée and I have been stressed. So at the beginning of May, I thought it was finally time to use the Las Vegas tickets we purchased last June when the pandemic was raging and prices were dirt cheap. We’ve heard of how crowded Las Vegas has been but told ourselves that it was no big deal since we were fully vaccinated. But after spending the last week in Vegas, it dawned on me. …

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Last night my middle sister, my fiancee and myself through a surprise birthday at a local bar for our eldest sister. The bar is located in a small town here in New Jersey where I just so happened to have dated my ex. Most of my family lives in the town, as does my ex. So I have no other option but to visit the town frequently. It’s been years since I’ve relocated to central New Jersey and I haven’t run into my ex once while visiting family members. …

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After what seemed like an eternity, the trial of Derek Chauvin has finally come to an end. Justice has been served. Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of all three murder charges. Like millions of others, I also witnessed the painful video of an officer willfully murdering a black man who was not resisting arrest in the slightest. We may never know what Chauvin was thinking while kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, but the guilty verdict has allowed me to witness a part of our country I was unaware of.

Another day, another shooting

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We hear the same narrative after every shooting. Groups of politicians either call for stricter gun control or cite mental illness as the reason someone decided to open fire on a group of innocent people. At this point, it’s insane that we have still not settled this timeless debate on gun control. Blood continues to be spilt yet we’re no closer to actually preventing these heinous crimes from occurring.

Officers nationwide are put on notice

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We all remember the horrible images of George Floyd begging for his life while officer Derek Chauvin remained kneeling on his neck without remorse. What came after was nationwide rioting. Cities burned because people, both black and white were tired of blatant police misconduct aimed at minorities. Well, the trial of Derek Chauvin has finally begun and it sends an important message to every police officer in the nation.

Inequality is alive and well in our judicial system

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After months of searching, charges were finally brought against two men in connection to the murder of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. Julian Khater and George Tanios were both taken into custody earlier in the month for the role they played in the January 6th Capitol riots.

All it took was a very expensive wedding.

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Recently my fiancee and I set a date for our wedding. I proposed in October 2019. But if I’m being honest, I only did so to make her happy. I don’t see what the difference between being married and not being married is for a couple like us. But I love her, and I’m willing to do anything to put a smile on her face. So I decided it was time to ask her when and where she’d like to get married.

Party loyalty has become a nationwide cancer

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There is a lingering problem in American politics today. For months the public was made to believe that Democrats were the heroes our country needed to get rid of Trump and actually make America great again. We’ve were pushed to vote blue on promises of $2000 stimulus checks and proper handling of COVID-19. All these empty promises have shed light on the cancer that is party loyalty. One that’s spreading through our country with no signs of slowing down.

Andrew Falastin

A writer willing to giving his raw opinion on how he views the world.

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