Without supporters, Trump is just another crazed anarchist.

Photo Credit: ABC News

Yes, I know how crazy I sound

Photo Credit: MasterTux Via Pixaby

Photo Credit: Tookapic via Pixaby

Photo Credit: Laura Lifshitz via Mom.Com

Photo Credit: Geralt via Pixaby

Another day, another shooting

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Officers nationwide are put on notice

Photo Credit: Artistic Operations Via Pixaby

Inequality is alive and well in our judicial system

Photo credit: Mark Thomas Via Pixabay

All it took was a very expensive wedding.

Photo by Rachel McDermott on Unsplash

Party loyalty has become a nationwide cancer

Photo Credit: Ramaz Bluashvili Via Pexels

Andrew Falastin

A writer willing to giving his raw opinion on how he views the world.

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